Acute appendicitis

What is it?

It is an inflammation of the cecal appendix. It is the most frequent surgical acute pathology of the abdomen. It occurs as a result of obstruction of the appendix due to growth of lymphoid follicles, a fecalite (hardened fecal material), foreign body such as small seeds or parasites, or tumors. On presentation of the obstruction comes inflammation, which, as it continues to worsen over time, may lead to rupture of the appendix.


• Abdominal pain in the lower right abdomen
• Nausea / vomiting
• Fever
• Abdominal distension

Diagnostic Studies

• Blood tests
• Urine tests
• ECO Abdominal Sonogram
• TAC of abdomen


• Intravenous Serums
• Analgesics
• Antibiotics
• Anti-nausea medications

It is the treatment of choice
• Laparoscopic appendectomy: Removing the diseased cecal appendix through minimally invasive surgery
• Placing drains if necessary