Ventral or Umbilical Hernia

What is it?

It is the protrusion of the contents of the abdominal cavity (fat / intestines) through a weak point in the abdominal muscular wall of the navel area or some previous surgery.


Presence or sensation of mass in the umbilical region or the site of an old surgical scar that usually presents without pain, unless it is complicated by an intestinal obstruction which manifests itself with intense pain.

Diagnostic Studies

• Physical examination by the physician
• Ultrasound of abdominal and groin wall


• Analgesics, while the problem is solved. Girdles sometimes stop the growth of the hernia, but they do not revert or decrease their size.

• Reparación de la hernia utilizando prótesis de malla para restaurar la capa muscular de la región afectada, este procedimiento es hecho por laparoscopía.