Colon diverticulitis

What is it?

Diverticula are herniations similar to sacs in the wall of the colon, and are due to increased colonic pressure. They are more common in people over 50 and who consume a diet low in fiber and high in fat. Diverticulitis occurs when some of these sacs become clogged with fecal matter and there is a bacterial growth that in turn inflames and infects that region of the colon. This inflammation can become complicated and lead to abscesses, perforations, bleeding and / or obstruction of the colon.


• Pain in the lower left abdomen
• Abdominal distension
• Fever
• Decreased appetite
• Constipation

Diagnostic Studies

• TAC of abdomen
• Blood tests


• Dietary regime
• Analgesics
• Antibiotics
• Intravenous Serums

In case of presenting complications of the disease
• Drainage of abscesses
• Laparoscopy colon resection: Removing or removing a portion of the large intestine perforated or inflamed by laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgery